Table light is the essential furniture for every home, and every child has one for reading. However, nearly no parents know that the traditional table light have fatal flaws.

The first flaw is tremendous radiation. Traditional table light take the incandescent or fluorescent lamps as light source, which can emit ultraviolet light. The UV rays can penetrate the tube surface and have one meter long radiation. The radiation have bad effect on the skin, eyes and brain.

The traditional eye protecting light takes the high-frequency electronic ballast to improve the strobe frequency to reach the so-called eye protecting purposes. But because of the high-frequency vibration, the electronic ballasts this can not solve the problem, and release much stronger electromagnetic radiation than that of mobile phones, which bring significant damage to the brain. In particular, students are easily harmed by the frequency electromagnetic radiation. They use the table light for a long time, with the head directly next to the lamp, and coupled with the weak and uncompleted physical development, more susceptible to high. As parents, would you like your child learned under the high 50,000 Hz electromagnetic radiation For a long time?

The second flaw is high frequency strobe. Fluorescent lamps under the action of the alternating current will produce a clear change between dark and bright, which is what we called strobe. Fluorescent lamps flicker about 50 times per second. Though it is difficult to be detected by the naked eye, we still feel uncomfortable. As a result, manufacturers increase the strobe frequency to 3 million or 5 million times to make our eyes do not feel the flicker. However, it does not mean there is no flicker. Like bats emitting ultrasonic, human can not feel, but it does not mean that it is not exist. Moreover, along with the higher frequency strobe, the ballast releases stronger electromagnetic radiation.

The third flaw is glaring. Because of the scope of the inappropriate distribution of brightness, or the existence of extreme brightness and contrast. Glaring brings uncomfortable and lower the ability to observe the detail or the objectives. If eyes exposure to glare, it will feel excitement and tension. If working under these conditions for a long time, it will result in tired, edgy, restless, and fatigue. And students usually study under the lamp at 1.5 hours, and some even up to 2-3 hours or more. After the long time influence, it will lead to students become drowsy and learning efficiency is low.

The fourth flaw is noise. In general, parents know that the electronic ballast fluorescent tubes have noise. As everyone knows, the traditional table lamp also have noise. Because of the light sources and technical, Traditional table lamps usually issued by more than 35 dB noise. In the dead of night, it will be more serious causing the students can not concentrate on learning.

LED lights have the following advantages:

1. Energy saving up to 80%
2. No UV
3. Does not project heat
4. Consistent lamp-to-lamp color
5. Range of Colors
6. Safe for open fixture operation
7. Mercury Free
8. Design Flexibility
9. Fast ROI
10. No glare or strobe, run cool and no dim
11. 50,000 hours long lifespan
12. Reduced Maintenance